Resepi kek butter


250gram butter ( x kisah jenama apa pun )
200g gula kastor ( sy guna gula blend sendiri je)
4 biji telur gred A atau B pon boleh je
250g tepung naik sendiri
4 sudu besar susu segar ( putih )
Esen vanila

Cara2 dia pulak

- mixer gula dan butter sampai kembang ( sampai jadi putih camtu )
- masukkan telur satu persatu sambil mix lagi sampai sebati
- masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit dan mix lagi
-masukkan esen vanila
-last sekali tips utk dptkan kek yg lembab ialah masukkan susu segar 4 sudu besar dan mix lagi sampai sebati semuanya..

Sediakan loyang dan bakar dlm oven masing2.. mcm oven sy, suhu 170 , bakar 45 minit

Sekian... 😊😊😊😊😊

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KeranaMu Malaysia.

Do I like DAP?


Those who know me since the days of Demi Negara know that.

And they also know . . . neither do I like UMNO's little MCA brother Teeny Weeny Ka Siong who champions unconstitutional schools nor UMNO's little GERAKAN sister Tan Lian Hoe who said Malays are pendatangs to Tanah Melayu.

Now . . .

As much as I don't like DAP and many of their characters . . . I DESPISE EVEN MORE the Melayus elected to the highest offices who steal tens of billions of BORROWED money we ALL are forced to repay; the Melayus who repeatedly lie to the Rakyat and the World to save their greedy brown asses; the Melayus who misuse religion to push their personal selfish agendas; the Melayus who condoned and abet corruption and injustice; the Melayus who share the loot and the spoils of deceit and treachery; the Melayus who "look the other way" amid blatant pillaging of our Motherland; the Melayus who actively collaborate with the thievin' scums to "cari makan"; the Melayus who lie, cover-up and mislead others to protect their own monetary interests and political positions; the Melayus who now actively collaborate with the CPC, the very evil that sponsored and abetted Chin Peng's Commie Army that murdered and maimed thousands of our fathers, uncles, brothers and raped our womenfolk.

These Melayus are worse than the DAP. Much much worse.


Because these Melayus destroy the Malay Race from within . . . corrupting, contaminating, infecting millions in our midst with their immoral misdeeds . . . mixing and matching religious rhetoric and false patriotism in a toxic cocktail of fear and hate and scapegoating . . . garnished by sprinklings of the loot to soothe and satiate the debilitating opiate of ignorance, self-pity and cradle-to-grave dependency.

Look around.

Day and night . . . relentlessly . . . from Felda to MARA to TH to PNB to KWSP to SOCSO to KWAP and of course 1MDB . . . the future of the Orang Melayu are being destroyed by these Melayu Durjanas.

These Melayu Durjanas are not patriots. They are not "Pejuang Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair."

Look at them.

Take a good look at these thievin' scums and their collaborators.

Look at the way they spew the most incredulous of lies; the way they smother misdeeds with the most tortuous of logic; the way they concoct fairytales in a tangled labyrinth of deceit and trickery; the way they curse, insult and threaten others.

These Melayus are nothing more than lyin' thieves, common criminals, pathological liars and low class tricksters who will sell anything for a quick buck and will say and do anything to stay out of the slammer.

These Melayu Durjanas are the biggest subversives of all . . . the most dangerous traitors to our Motherland . . . who betrayed our trust and support in PRU13.

Hence . . .

. . . again via the ballot box . . .

. . . we MUST make sure they are voted out, hunted down and rounded up and brought to justice.

All of them.

From the thievin' ruling clique to the immoral collaborators to the filthy cyberwhores to every scum guilty of sustaining this kleptocracy of insatiable greed.

Each and every one of these pengkhianat bangsa and musuh negara.


The Federation of Malaysia MUST be cleansed of these filthy garbage masquerading as keris wielding pahlawans and sarban wrapped ularmaks bleeding and destroying our Motherland from within.

Once and for all and decisively . . . we MUST get rid of these traitors and thieves . . . and begin the long overdue process of rebuilding our nation, our institutions, the democratic checks and balances, the rule of law, the supremacy of our Constitution.

THAT is our common destiny. A task for ALL Malaysians.

KeranaMu Malaysia.


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UMNO That The Non-Muslims Tak Faham

The Politics Of UMNO That The Non-Muslims Tak Faham

When Najib tweeted urging Muslims to object America's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, he was whipping his Islamic credentials. The non-Muslims yang tak faham, assumes Najib was speaking as a Malaysian PM to Malaysians. The Christians get agitated and start arguing how Jerusalem should be Israel's capital, the other non-Muslism start teasing Najib for meddling in foreign affairs.

What non-Muslims don't see and sometimes refuse to see, is that Najib wasn't appealing or speaking to you. He was building on his image as a Muslim protector in the midst of an UMNO AGM.

Non-Muslims must learn to understand sentiments of Muslims if you want to kick Najib & UMNO out of Putrajaya and halt religious bigotry.

See. Muslims around the world are in a way or another brothers and sisters to each other. The same goes to Christians. You can say most of the time it is politically charged, but that's a debate for another day.

When Muslims in Myanmar are slaughtered, it is a Muslim concern elsewhere. When Muslims in Palestine are shelled with bombs, it is a Muslim concern elsewhere. When Jerusalem (better known among the Muslims as Baitul Maqdis or Al-Quds) is now the capital of their sworn enemy, it is an issue for Muslims worldwide!

So when non-Muslims in Malaysia tease efforts of Muslims (Najib included) elsewhere to be in solidarity with Palestine, it turns off the other Muslims who are the majority population in Malaysia. And that is why you only aid UMNO propaganda like DAP is anti-Islam, DAP is ultra kiasu, Cina wants to rule Malaysia, Christians want to erase Islam in Malaysia.

We know Najib Razak is the biggest conman in Malaysia, but by using the wrong approach to criticise Najib, you are only aiding his image as a Panglima Tentera Islam.

Instead non-Muslims should be pushing Najib to the edge. Encourage Najib to be more Islamic. Why? Because he won't, and that's where his bluff will be called.

1. Ask why Najib Razak didn't mention Donald Trump or America in his tweet. Indonesian President Jokowi mentioned America specifically in his tweet.
2. Ask why Najib Razak called Trump's announcement a "suggestion". It is not a suggestion by Trump. He made a decision and he announced it.
3. Ask why is Najib Razak bringing EPF money to strengthen US economy. The majority contributors of EPF are the Muslims in Malaysia!
4. Ask why Najib Razak declared to Donald Trump and the United States of America that "the enemy of US is the enemy of Malaysia".
5. Push Najib Razak to lead the protest in front of the US Embassy instead of sending minions like Khairy Jamaluddin and Jamal Yunos.
6. Push Najib Razak to take executive measures instead of just tweeting. He is the PM and not merely a Twitterjaya user!
7. Push Najib Razak to send harder warnings like start limiting US interests in Malaysia. China is right on the heels of US in the region!

Najib will do none of the above. Because we all know he is a kelentong king. There's a Malay peribahasa: "Senjata makan tuan". UMNO likes to use racial and religious sentiments, it is only time their own weapon fires back at them.

By the way, Hishamuddin said Malaysia will send its army. Oh please. Stop laughing at the army and drawing parallels to tanduo where our military failed to wipe off the intruders. You're only belittling the military, and the Malaysians Malays and Muslims have a special place in their hearts for the men who defend the country. You should ask Najib to lead the army in Jerusalem and ask why can't Najib talk to his good friend Donald Trump!

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Maka kekal lah bangsa Melayu ini sebagai bangsa kelas kedua, dan yang paling sedihnya, ditanahairnya sendiri, setelah 60 tahun ia memerintah sebagai majoriti.

Orang yang datang berhijrah lama dahulu, merentasi lautan, ribut dan taufan, kini berada ditangga teratas, memegang kemas bukan saja tampuk, malahan seluruh ekonomi tanahair ini.

Tidak boleh disalahkan orang berhijrah ini. Mereka benar-benar faham konsep berhijrah, dari zaman yang gelap hinggalah yang cerah sekarang ini.

Mereka mentelaah pelajaran dikala ramai kita bercumbuan disekolah atau berlumba motor dijalan. Mereka didewan serbaguna bermain badminton menyihatkan badan dikala ramai kita berpeleseran diwarung, minum bergelas teh tarik sambil menyedut asap tembakau.

Tak ada siapa yang beritau kita kekurangan kita ini. Jika ada yang menunjuk ajar mungkin keadaan kita akan lebih baik dari sekarang.

Mereka dikalangan kita yang berjaya pun tidak dapat membantu yang kurang berjaya. Mungkin sikaplah puncanya.

Sedangkan mereka yang kita lantik untuk merancang masa depan kita sekumpulan pula semuanya sudah lupa daratan. Di Kuala Lumpur itu tiada yang susahnya.

Bila sudah minum kopi petang pun di Hilton dan malamnya hisap cerut beratus ringgit sebatang, mereka sudah tidak ingatkan kita lagi.

Mereka sudah mewah hasil lantikan kita itu. Habis manis sepah dibuang, kata orang.

Tinggallah kita dengan nasib kita yang dirundung malang ini. Jauh dari rumah teres kita di Semenyih, Rawang dan Selayang, kita nampak cahaya bergemerlapan orang-orang berhijrah yang tinggal di Damansara, Bangsar dan Petaling Jaya.

Kita sudah beransur-ansur terpaksa tinggalkan kawasan-kawasan itu kerana harganya sudah diluar jangkauan kita.

Sekali-sekala kita lihat muka-muka yang kita lantik itu. Macam-macam janji yang mereka tabur lagi, sambil menabur wang ringgit yang banyak bagi kita tapi cuma tahi gigi buat mereka.

Suka kita dengan pemberian mereka itu. Bila disuruh jurugambar untuk peragakan wang kertas pemberian mereka itu, kita pun buat dengan bangga. Keluar suratkhabar esoknya. Beritanya...pimpinan yang peka akan kesejahteraan rakyat.

Yang tidak keluar akhbar ialah perkara-perkara berikut - yang ramai miskin, yang ramai tercicir belajar, yang ramai dalam pusat pemulihan dan yang ramai terlibat rasuah....orang Melayu ini lah.

Ini semua tak boleh keluar berita kerana jika keluar, ia nampak kegagalan pemimpin.

Kita bangga dikampung kerana imam qariah kita dihantar ke Makkah dan masjid kita diberi peruntukan pendingin hawa. Di Kuala Lumpur pemimpin kita sedang bersiap untuk bercuti ke London.

Sedih kita ini sebenarnya. Dari tukar tayar kereta, sampai lah ke ikan yang isteri kita masak tadi, tiada yang kita kawal perjalanannya.

Tak ada apa yang pemimpin kita itu boleh banggakan. Selama 60 tahun memerintah sebagai majoriti, kita masih menadah tangan harapkan sumbangan dari kerajaan.

Orang berhijrah yang dahulunya berniaga tak henti-henti seperti lebah di Plaza Low Yat, sekarang dah jadi tuan pula. Perniagaannya orang lain yang jalankan.

Dimana kita? Jika anda minum kopi dimalam yang dingin ini diwarung, anda akan didatangi beberapa pemuda membawa berbagai risalah. Mereka memintalah bantuan anda barang sedikit. Katanya nak bina itu dan ini dan kebanyakan mereka ini masih muda.

Cuba anda kira dari semua yang anda nampak malam ini, banyaknya bangsa apa? Disitu lah kita sekarang ini.


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Najib's broadside

3 Nov 2017

In an article published by Malaysiakini read here on 30th Oct, 2017 titled "Najib launches into lengthy broadside against Dr M at dinner event" the PM made remarks which most believe is directed at me. I am reproducing Malaysiakini's article below and my responses in bold. Malaysiakini reports Najib's lengthiest broadsides against me though not by name.

He did this in a keynote address, titled "Governance in a Developing Democracy", at a dinner organised by the United Nations Association Malaysia (UNAM) in Kuala Lumpur. The Prime Minister in his speech lamented what he termed to be the "epidemic of fake news".

Dr M: What fake news! If they are fake prove that the Dept of Justice, America's report about purchases of residence in UK and US, Wolf of Wall Street film, purchases of paintings, pink diamonds did not happen, that USD 3.5 billion of Riza's money came from his family, that 1MDB money did not pass through Singapore banks as reported by officials, that USD 681 million was not in his account at AmBank, that Jho Low is not the recipient of 1MDB money." Don't just deny. Don't ignore. Give prove. All money transactions are documented. Show us the documents on all the transaction involving 1MDB money. Sue the Dept. of Justice of America, the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Let Jho Low answer questions by American authorities.

Najib said: "From time to time, some Western media outlets have been featuring interviews with one of our former leaders and presenting his allegations about the country as facts.
"They are not. This former leader has been on a nearly three-year mission to illegitimately topple the democratically elected government of Malaysia in between election cycles."

Dr M: What is illegitimate about toppling a democratically elected Government? It happens in Brazil, in South Korea and in many democratic countries in the past, between elections. The evidences against the overthrown leaders were not even clear. Already they were overthrown. Here the evidence is overwhelming – but hidden by the Attorney General. If the A.G. charges him in court, he would be overthrown today.

This former leader, Najib added, has tried "every method at his disposal and failed each time".

Dr M: The attempts failed because there is no rule of law in Malaysia. Reports against Najib result in arrest and jailing of the man reporting. Reports by institutions are made official secrets. Judgement is passed by the A.G., not a court of law. Have a proper hearing and I will accept the verdict. If guilty step down.

As a result, Najib said, the leader was making himself available to any media organisation that was willing to listen so that he could "spread fake news and tell lies about his country for selfish political gains".

Dr M: The print and electronic media in Malaysia is controlled by Government. Even Parliament cannot discuss 1MDB and the 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib's account. UMNO General Assembly was instructed to be silent on these. Am I supposed to censor myself when asked by foreigners. I have been talking to foreigners throughout my life. Prove that what I say is fake. Let's have "Nothing to hide 3".

Najib said: "He seems to think that if he tells a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it is true. And unfortunately, that may be the case as no one would expect a former leader to tell outright untruths."

For instance, Najib cited the former leader's oft-repeated claim that Malaysia was among the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world.
"When challenged to produce evidence for this, he is unable to do so. That is because it is nonsense."

Dr M: It is the foreign media which repeatedly and extensively published Malaysia as among the 10 most corrupt country here , here , here , here and here to name a few. During by-elections money was openly paid to voters, kitchen appliances were given. The 2018 budget is offering money to people prior to an election. I don't have to repeat my accusations. The people are already repeating them and telling me.

Citing Transparency International's latest ranking, Najib pointed out how Malaysia was listed among the top third least corrupt countries, at 55th place out of 176.

Dr M: What about Transparency International (TI) Chief, Jose Ugaz's speech on 2nd Sept. 2015 at the opening of the 16th IACC in Malaysia. Among other things Ugaz said;

"….What does that mean for Malaysia? The government has taken measures and initiatives to tackle corruption. We will surely hear that from the minister. We want to see more progress but that cannot happen while there are unanswered questions about the $700m that made its way into the Prime Minister's personal bank account. In recent weeks we have seen the Attorney-General who was critical of the government suddenly replaced, the 1MDB taskforce suspended, investigators at the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested or transferred, and newspapers suspended for reporting on the matter. These are not the actions of a government that is fighting corruption. We may well hear promises of reform. That is not what is needed at this time. And promises alone will not restore confidence and trust. There are two questions that need to be answered: Who paid the money and why? Where did it go? One man could answer those questions. If that does not happen then only a fully independent investigation, free from political interference, can uncover the truth.
Until that happens, no claim from the government on anti-corruption will be credible.

You can read the whole speech here or watch the video clip at the end of this posting

On the former leader's claim that the country was going bankrupt, Najib refuted this by quoting the World Bank, which stated that the "Malaysian economy is progressing from a position of strength".

Dr M: The Malaysian Government total debt is almost one trillion Ringgit. Show how you are going to pay this. Let independent auditors audit KWSP, Tabung Haji, KWAP, FGV and PNB.

Najib said: "Another, which is laughable, is that Malaysia is in danger of sliding into dictatorship."

Dr M: There already is a dictatorship in Malaysia now. There is no rule of law. A.G. prevents Najib's case from going to court. Opposition figures are hounded and detained. Possible supporters of opposition are accused by MACC of corruption and money laundering without proof.

Ignoring the 2.6 billion in Najib's account, the MACC is instead accusing, detaining and questioning a former minister on unfounded suspicion of corruption.

Najib insisted that elections are fiercely fought in the country, while the opposition has significant representation in Parliament and also controls three states.

Dr M: Elections were free before. Now there is a lot of cheating especially postal votes. In Pekan, Najib's margin of 250 in 1999 increased to 25,000 in 2004 while the electorate increased from 35,000 to 80,000. There is no way for these increases to happen .Obviously the additional voters were created out of nothing. Financing of the opposition is actively blocked by Najib. All banks, even private one are closed to the opposition.

Najib said: "We have allowed demonstrations against the government in Kuala Lumpur. These are not the markers of a dictatorship. The claim is ridiculous. The irony is that this former leader has admitted that he himself was a dictator when in office. And this is his words, not mine," said Najib to laughter from the audience."

Dr M: If I can call myself a dictator, Najib should call himself a tyrant. I respected the law and I resigned of my own free will. Let's see Najib do the same. Najib abuses the law with the help of the IGP and A.G. Or he should consider calling himself a crook. After all he had attained that acclaim in the Newsweek report during his Trump visit.

Despite all these, Najib noted that many things have changed since the former leader's time.
"We have made it clear that there will be no more crony capitalism. We have invested in the infrastructure and public transport Malaysia needs and in opposition states as well as BN states, unlike his time."

Dr M: I had no Jho Low or Riza Aziz

Apart from his veiled attack against Mahathir, Najib in his speech outlined initiatives he had undertaken, which he claimed, were essential to good governance in the country.
"Firstly, the concept of 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now, secondly, the Government Transformation Programme and thirdly, the Economic Transformation Programme."

Dr M: This concept is great. People are the first to bail out Government through G.S.T. The only performance we see is the corruption of senior Government servants, hospitals without medicine, low-cost housing not built, additional taxes based on nothing, and raids to oppress people and deter them from supporting the opposition. Registration of the opposition coalition has not been given. 1 Malaysia is about BN first. The only transformation is the new security laws being tightened and more power to the PM to detain people.

He also cited his brainchild – National Transformation 2050 (TN50) – which he said was launched to further strengthen the country.

Dr M: TN50 is launched. By 2050 the debt will bankrupt the country. The 1 trillion national debt will increase to 3 trillion. The Ringgit will depreciate further.

The government's bottom-up approach in TN50, he said, was a clear example of the government practising good governance in response to the changing needs of a young population.

Dr M: Bottom up means the people must pay GST, endure high cost of living, no scholarship for their children while Najib enjoy the billions stolen from 1MDB, KWAP, KWSP etc.

"The economic performance I have outlined and the acclaim we have received from international organisations should be conclusive proof of the good governance this government has practised in Malaysia," Najib said.

Dr M: What acclaim! Is being called a kleptocratic country an acclaim?


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Hebatnya doa



_Ketika orang ditanya : "Do'a apakah yang paling kerap dibaca oleh orang islam ?"_

_Banyak yang menjawabnya dengan salah. Begitu kerap do'a itu dibaca, hingga ketika sedang membaca do'a tersebut, banyak antara kita yang tak merasa sedang membaca DOA tersebut_

_Padahal do'a itu sangatlah hebat, merangkumi keperluan kita di dunia dan akhirat. Dan dibaca minimum 17 kali setiap hari._

_Do'a itu, ialah do'a diantara dua sujud, marilah kita hayati dan fahami maknanya :_

_*Wahai Tuhan ampunilah dosaku*, dosa adalah beban, yang menyebabkan kita berat melangkah menuju ke ridhaan اللّهُ. Dosa adalah kotoran hati yang mem-buat hati gelap, sehingga hati kita merasa berat sekali untuk melakukan kebaikan._

_*Sayangilah diriku*, kalau kita disayang *اللّه*ُ hidup akan terasa tenang, karena dengan kasih sayang-Nya akan dapat dicapai semua cita-cita. Dengan kasih sayang *اللّه*ُ nafsu kita akan terbimbing dan terdidik_

_*Tutup lah segala kekuranganku*, banyak sekali kekurangan kita, kurang syukur, kurang sabar, kurang menerima kenyataan, mudah marah, pendendam dan lainnya. Kalau kekurangan kita ditutup/diperbaiki *اللّه*ُ, maka kita akan menjadi manusia sebenarnya._

_*Tinggikanlah darjatku*, kalau *اللّه*ُ sudah meninggikan darjat kita, maka pasti tidak ada manusia atau makhluk yang boleh menghinakan kita._

_*Berikanlah aku rezki,* sebagai hamba *اللّه*ُ kita memerlukan rezki, *اللّه*ُ mampu mendatangkan rezki dari jalan yang tak disangka dan tidak ternilai banyaknya._

*_Berikanlah aku petunjuk/bimbinglah aku ke jalan yang benar_* Kita bukan hanya minta petunjuk/hidayah yang berkaitan dengan agama. Tetapi kita juga minta petunjuk agar terhindar dari mengambil keputusan yang di anggap salah._

_*Berikan lah aku kesihatan*, apabila kita sihat, kita dapat menambah kebaikan dan manfaat serta kita tidak menjadi beban kepada orang lain._

_*Aku mohon agar kesalahanku dihapus dari catatan*._

_Dari do'a tersebut Dimulakan dan Diakhiri dengan mohon keampunan dari *الله*sehingga kita benar2 bersih dari dosa_.

_*Allah SWT* memerintahkan kita untuk membaca doa tersebut, *Rasulullah SAW* mencontohkan kepada kita, menurut logiknya do'a tersebut pasti terkabul dan diterima oleh *Allah SWT.*_

*..... Aamiin .....*

_*Terkadang yang menjadi persoalan, dimana hati dan fikiran kita, ketika kita membaca do'a itu dan kita tidak hafal arti serta maknanya ?*_

_Padahal do'a tersebut *sangat hebat,*dan masih banyak orang sering terburu-buru yang sepatutnya perlu tuma'ninah dengan menghayati benar-benar meminta kepada Allah SWT._

*Jika Baik dan Benar*
Panjang2 kan

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