KeranaMu Malaysia.

Do I like DAP?


Those who know me since the days of Demi Negara know that.

And they also know . . . neither do I like UMNO's little MCA brother Teeny Weeny Ka Siong who champions unconstitutional schools nor UMNO's little GERAKAN sister Tan Lian Hoe who said Malays are pendatangs to Tanah Melayu.

Now . . .

As much as I don't like DAP and many of their characters . . . I DESPISE EVEN MORE the Melayus elected to the highest offices who steal tens of billions of BORROWED money we ALL are forced to repay; the Melayus who repeatedly lie to the Rakyat and the World to save their greedy brown asses; the Melayus who misuse religion to push their personal selfish agendas; the Melayus who condoned and abet corruption and injustice; the Melayus who share the loot and the spoils of deceit and treachery; the Melayus who "look the other way" amid blatant pillaging of our Motherland; the Melayus who actively collaborate with the thievin' scums to "cari makan"; the Melayus who lie, cover-up and mislead others to protect their own monetary interests and political positions; the Melayus who now actively collaborate with the CPC, the very evil that sponsored and abetted Chin Peng's Commie Army that murdered and maimed thousands of our fathers, uncles, brothers and raped our womenfolk.

These Melayus are worse than the DAP. Much much worse.


Because these Melayus destroy the Malay Race from within . . . corrupting, contaminating, infecting millions in our midst with their immoral misdeeds . . . mixing and matching religious rhetoric and false patriotism in a toxic cocktail of fear and hate and scapegoating . . . garnished by sprinklings of the loot to soothe and satiate the debilitating opiate of ignorance, self-pity and cradle-to-grave dependency.

Look around.

Day and night . . . relentlessly . . . from Felda to MARA to TH to PNB to KWSP to SOCSO to KWAP and of course 1MDB . . . the future of the Orang Melayu are being destroyed by these Melayu Durjanas.

These Melayu Durjanas are not patriots. They are not "Pejuang Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair."

Look at them.

Take a good look at these thievin' scums and their collaborators.

Look at the way they spew the most incredulous of lies; the way they smother misdeeds with the most tortuous of logic; the way they concoct fairytales in a tangled labyrinth of deceit and trickery; the way they curse, insult and threaten others.

These Melayus are nothing more than lyin' thieves, common criminals, pathological liars and low class tricksters who will sell anything for a quick buck and will say and do anything to stay out of the slammer.

These Melayu Durjanas are the biggest subversives of all . . . the most dangerous traitors to our Motherland . . . who betrayed our trust and support in PRU13.

Hence . . .

. . . again via the ballot box . . .

. . . we MUST make sure they are voted out, hunted down and rounded up and brought to justice.

All of them.

From the thievin' ruling clique to the immoral collaborators to the filthy cyberwhores to every scum guilty of sustaining this kleptocracy of insatiable greed.

Each and every one of these pengkhianat bangsa and musuh negara.


The Federation of Malaysia MUST be cleansed of these filthy garbage masquerading as keris wielding pahlawans and sarban wrapped ularmaks bleeding and destroying our Motherland from within.

Once and for all and decisively . . . we MUST get rid of these traitors and thieves . . . and begin the long overdue process of rebuilding our nation, our institutions, the democratic checks and balances, the rule of law, the supremacy of our Constitution.

THAT is our common destiny. A task for ALL Malaysians.

KeranaMu Malaysia.


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