UMNO That The Non-Muslims Tak Faham

The Politics Of UMNO That The Non-Muslims Tak Faham

When Najib tweeted urging Muslims to object America's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, he was whipping his Islamic credentials. The non-Muslims yang tak faham, assumes Najib was speaking as a Malaysian PM to Malaysians. The Christians get agitated and start arguing how Jerusalem should be Israel's capital, the other non-Muslism start teasing Najib for meddling in foreign affairs.

What non-Muslims don't see and sometimes refuse to see, is that Najib wasn't appealing or speaking to you. He was building on his image as a Muslim protector in the midst of an UMNO AGM.

Non-Muslims must learn to understand sentiments of Muslims if you want to kick Najib & UMNO out of Putrajaya and halt religious bigotry.

See. Muslims around the world are in a way or another brothers and sisters to each other. The same goes to Christians. You can say most of the time it is politically charged, but that's a debate for another day.

When Muslims in Myanmar are slaughtered, it is a Muslim concern elsewhere. When Muslims in Palestine are shelled with bombs, it is a Muslim concern elsewhere. When Jerusalem (better known among the Muslims as Baitul Maqdis or Al-Quds) is now the capital of their sworn enemy, it is an issue for Muslims worldwide!

So when non-Muslims in Malaysia tease efforts of Muslims (Najib included) elsewhere to be in solidarity with Palestine, it turns off the other Muslims who are the majority population in Malaysia. And that is why you only aid UMNO propaganda like DAP is anti-Islam, DAP is ultra kiasu, Cina wants to rule Malaysia, Christians want to erase Islam in Malaysia.

We know Najib Razak is the biggest conman in Malaysia, but by using the wrong approach to criticise Najib, you are only aiding his image as a Panglima Tentera Islam.

Instead non-Muslims should be pushing Najib to the edge. Encourage Najib to be more Islamic. Why? Because he won't, and that's where his bluff will be called.

1. Ask why Najib Razak didn't mention Donald Trump or America in his tweet. Indonesian President Jokowi mentioned America specifically in his tweet.
2. Ask why Najib Razak called Trump's announcement a "suggestion". It is not a suggestion by Trump. He made a decision and he announced it.
3. Ask why is Najib Razak bringing EPF money to strengthen US economy. The majority contributors of EPF are the Muslims in Malaysia!
4. Ask why Najib Razak declared to Donald Trump and the United States of America that "the enemy of US is the enemy of Malaysia".
5. Push Najib Razak to lead the protest in front of the US Embassy instead of sending minions like Khairy Jamaluddin and Jamal Yunos.
6. Push Najib Razak to take executive measures instead of just tweeting. He is the PM and not merely a Twitterjaya user!
7. Push Najib Razak to send harder warnings like start limiting US interests in Malaysia. China is right on the heels of US in the region!

Najib will do none of the above. Because we all know he is a kelentong king. There's a Malay peribahasa: "Senjata makan tuan". UMNO likes to use racial and religious sentiments, it is only time their own weapon fires back at them.

By the way, Hishamuddin said Malaysia will send its army. Oh please. Stop laughing at the army and drawing parallels to tanduo where our military failed to wipe off the intruders. You're only belittling the military, and the Malaysians Malays and Muslims have a special place in their hearts for the men who defend the country. You should ask Najib to lead the army in Jerusalem and ask why can't Najib talk to his good friend Donald Trump!

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