Melayus must vote for change

Dear fellow Melayus . . .

As we approach the home stretch of a long, bruising struggle to cleanse our Motherland of the toxic scourge of corruption, thievery, power abuse, lies and deceit . . . and as we witness the degeneration of our people into a weak race sustained by handouts and beholden to thieves . . . think wisely about what kind of Malaysia you are voting for.

For once, be strategic lah.

Understand the dynamics of the political chess game.

We the voting Rakyat are the REAL players . . . while most of these politicians are just two-bit chess pieces faking bravado and spewing rhetoric they themselves couldn't half understand.

Look at the Jibon Gang. Take a good look. Stripped off all the fluff of position and pomposity of protocol, they are just your plain pak longs and mak ngahs and village simpletons spiced with a handful of confidence tricksters and outright thieves.

They are not infallible "pemimpins" and heroic "pembela rakyats" and indomitable "pejuang bangsas."

Far from it.

Just look at them.

These little UMNO chess pieces are there for one thing and one thing only: to prop and ensure the longevity of their obsessively thieving and pathologically lying "King" under the ominous shadow of the stealthy all-powerful "Queen."

Listen up . . .

The current crop of contaminated UMNO chess pieces must be tossed out if we want to regain the longer term political upperhand underlained by rule of law and a robust economy sustained not by debts and childish rhetoric but by real productivity gains.

UMNO is dead . . . hijacked and mutilated beyond recognition by a clique of thieves and lowlifes. You must be blind -- of sight and of heart -- if you cannot see the obvious.

And UMNO will remain rotten as long as it is controlled by the Jibon Gang.

We Melayus can no longer count on UMNO to fight for our interests simply because the personal interests of their leadership clique are the antithesis of our collective interests. They need money . . . incredible amounts of money . . . to buy support and loyalty. And their quest for money leads to looting the very institutions they are sworn to safeguard.


Because these crooks and lowlifes are too lazy and too stupid to make money the old fashioned way.

Hence they loot the Bumiputra piggy bank to their hearts' content via countless shady deals mind boggling in their audaciousness.

I don't have to repeat what happened to Felda and MARA . . . and the blatant looting of our money in TH and KWSP and KWAP and PNB and the ballooning federal government debt we collectively are paying and will be paying till eternity.

The Jibon Gang's trail of destruction and pestilence speaks for itself.

You too should be aware of the gross excesses and their impact to your own lives by now.

I know you know.

You ALL know.

Everytime you go shop and gawk at the prices of basic necessities . . . YOU are personally affected by the blatant mismanagement of the most fundamental aspects of our economy.

And miraculously you expect these same crooks and thieves and street thugs to look after our interests "demi Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair"?

Pigidahhh !

Our interests is the LAST thing in their minds.

I know these people. I know them too well.

Many of them are in my social circle. Some have done business with me. I know their psyche and thought process. I know what makes them tick, what drives them, their needs and wants, their fears. Yes . . . their fear of losing party positions and at the ballot box.

Their self-preservation is paramount and they will do whatever it takes to cling to power . . . even if we Melayus are screwed and hung to dry . . . because to them losing federal power is unthinkable, a fate worse than death itself.

So my fellow Melayus . . . guna akal this time around. Nobody has a God-given right to your precious vote.

Nobody owns us.

Remember . . . we will get the government we deserve.

Vote wisely.

- KijangMas Perkasa -


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